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Tuesday, January 31 2017

Maintaing Exterior Wood Elements

Wood can add an attractive and inexpensive touch to a building. Exterior wooden elements should be protected with a weather-proof stain or paint. But, even the most protected wood starts to weather as it ages. 

Some of the tell-tale signs of wood deterioration include:

  • Dry, exposed wood
  • Warping or cupping wood
  • Bubbling or flaking paint
  • Alligatoring paint- a pattern that resembles the rough skin of an alligator

The liquids in paint dry up, leaving only the solids. As the solids weather, they are unable to protect the wood on their own. The five year rule of thumb suggestes repainting exterior wood about every five years. Is it time to revamp your building's exterior?

Facilties and property managers know that repainting is an investment. You want to get a lot of life out of a repainting job. You also want to avoid rotting, damaged wood. 

Poor Surface Preparation

Poor surface preparation is the number one reason a paint job fails. Be sure to perform repainting in mild humidity and never under extreme temperatures. Properly prepare your wooden surfaces by sanding down old paint, repairing rotted areas, and pressure washing. Failure to clean the surface before a paint job often results in bubbling, blistering paint and an overall messy appearance.

Don't Skip the Last Vital Step

A professional pressure washing company understands how to work with the current state of your wood, while preparing it for repainting or staining. They may also catch issues with your wood that are easy to miss. Our experts at Sun Brite Services have over 20 years of experience helping clean up commercial properties in Atlanta. Can we provide you with a quote? Give us a call at (678) 498-7660.

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Thursday, January 19 2017

Well-maintained parking lots are a necessity for any business. You do not want customers and tenants to be upset that they have to drive over potholes when they are just trying to park.

Concrete and asphalt are incredibly durable. But, it needs to be maintained in the proper manner. This way you do not have to worry about completely redoing the area. The below tips will help you keep up with parking lot cleaning.

Asphalt and Concrete are Porous

Concrete is such a resilient substance that most properly management owners don't think to do more than regular hosing. However, concrete is porous. These tiny holes harbor bacteria and moisture. These foreign substances degrade the overall integrity of the structure.

Why Power Washing Is Necessary

Since grime and dirt make their way into the pores, a regular hose is not enough. The materials are too far down into the concrete. A full-service pressure washing company will have the tools necessary to ensure your parking lot is maintained well.

Why It Should Be Done Regularly

You should contact a power washing company right away if you need to remove graffiti or other debris. However, even if your lot is looking OK, you should still get it washed at least once a year. This will ensure that it is always looks its best and that it gets looked at by professionals frequently.

Pressure washing ensures that your parking lot gets the best cleaning possible. If your business is in or around Atlanta, Georgia, contact our experienced team at Sun Brite Services for the job. Call us at (678) 498-7660 to get a free estimate. 

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