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Wednesday, September 21 2016
Consider Cleaning an Essential Part of Maintenance

Taking care of a building’s exterior

Exterior care is essential because it protects employees, visitors and residents and ensures lasting curb appeal. Pressure washing is an important part of exterior maintenance. Partnering with a company experienced with pressure washing, soft washing, and other building cleaning tasks is the best way to ensure that building maintenance is done correctly and on a schedule that suits your needs. That’s what Sun Brite is here for!

How will it pay off?

  • Chips and cracks that eat away at your building often go unnoticed without a good cleaning.
  • Power washing removes initial growths of mold and mildew. Left unchecked, these require extensive restoration efforts.
  • Windows are kept sparkling clean, which facilitates security measures. It also prolongs the aesthetic life of the glass.
  • Debris that accumulate become a slipping hazard. Regular power washing keeps dirt from building up.

Regular cleaning and building maintenance also makes buildings and signage easier to spot from the curb. A clean exterior catches the eye of a potential tenant and tells him or her that your property is clean and inviting.

Weather considerations

There are some seasons when frequent washings are more necessary. For instance, if rain is likely in spring and fall then washing may need to occur more often. Rain deposits troublesome minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium that have to be removed quickly.

Cleaning schedule

A service contract is the easiest way of integrating washing services into your existing building maintenance schedule. Service contracts are convenient and often save property managers money, especially over the course of several months.

How long will power washing take?

Washing does not need to take very long; as subsequent washes occur you will discover that each session takes slightly less time. Simply put, clean buildings are easier to keep clean. Blasting away the accumulated dirt, dust, grease, and grime of several months or years requires a little extra effort. But once this has been achieved, other cleaning sessions will go much faster!

We are ready to help building maintenance supervisors address ongoing cleaning concerns. Contact us today at (678) 498-7660 and let’s talk about your property’s needs.

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