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Tuesday, October 18 2016
How Putting Off Pressure Washing May be Putting Your Tenants in Danger

Pressure Washing and Tenant Safety

When you work in property management, you need to be certain the building you operate always looks its best. Getting a power washing every so often is a great way to ensure your business attracts customers or new tenants.  However, a routine pressure washing is also good for making sure your property remains safe and reduces your liability in any slip and fall cases.

Driveways Can Become Slippery

Oil, mold and other substances can build up on pavement over time. People will be walking across your parking lot or sidewalk in order to get to the building, and if they slip on something that should have been removed a long time ago, then they could file a lawsuit against you. To reduce the likelihood of someone falling, you should pressure wash pavement at least once a year or whenever significant residue has built up.

Walls Can Start to Corrode

Over time, the materials making up your building start to slowly wear away. Entryways can begin to crumble ever so slowly, siding and other exterior materials can start to break away, and entry points for insects become especially troublesome. Dirt and debris only accelerate this process, so the first step in prolonging the life and structure of your building is to keep it clean!

Why Hiring Professionals Is the Way to Go

Cleaning a parking lot takes some time. If you attempt to do it yourself, you are taking time out of your schedule to do this, and you are losing money. Additionally, being unskilled will require you to spend more time cleaning, and that parking lot will need to be closed off for longer. By hiring a professional service to do this job, your parking lot will be shut down for less time, and you can be certain every inch will be taken care of.

Other Policies to Implement

Overall, you want a company policy that emphasizes cleanliness. This involves sweeping the floor regularly, and having “Wet Floor” signs on hand in case a spill develops. These are basic tasks you can do on your own and will really go a long way in promoting a safe, clean atmosphere.

Pressure washing will keep your commercial property looking great. Effective power washing is offered by the professionals at Sun Brite Services, who have worked with numerous property management owners across Atlanta. To get in touch, contact us at (678) 498-7660.

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