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Friday, December 16 2016

Fences can really tie together the aesthetic of a property. Your building might rely on a fence for security purposes, or you might simply like how it looks. Make your fence last longer, and look much better, with regular cleaning. Regular pressure washings help you maintain your property’s overall look.


Combating Aging and Catching Issues


Even old fences look new again with pressure washing. As materials age and weather, stains severely hamper the fence’s look. 


Cleaning your fence regularly can prevent materials from breaking down sooner. You want your fence to last for as long as possible. After all, your fence was an expensive investment. Through routine cleanings and inspections, your fence will be rid of mold, pollen and other contaminants that can drastically shorten it's lifespan. 


Finally, professional pressure washing ensures an experienced individual is inspecting the length of the fence. If damage is present, you might not have otherwise noticed.


What to Expect


1. A professional pressure washer will use a specialized nozzle to control the intensity of the solution being applied.

2. Different intensities will work better for different surfaces. 

3. Safe, biodegradable chemicals are added to the solution. It removes all stains, even ones that are deeply set within the fencing material. It will also remove the presence of mold or mildew.

If those damaging materials are not removed in a timely manner, then they can really wreak havoc.


The only way your fence is going to last is if you take care of it, so schedule a time to have a professional clean your fence every so often. If you reside in Atlanta and want to benefit from this service, then you can contact Sun Brite Services at 770-277-6363.


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