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Tuesday, December 20 2016

When it comes to maintaining the aesthetic of your business, many individuals consider every option available. Different treatments are available to clean the exterior of a commercial building, and when you get any cleaning done, you want to make sure it is done by an experienced professional. Many businesses consider whether a soft washing or pressure washing would be ideal. The truth is neither one is better than the other. It really comes down to what you need.

Soft Washing

Soft washing utilizes a low pressure system that dispenses water and a cleaning agent through a nozzle. The chemical agent is biodegradable, so it is more advantageous for the environment. It is also highly effective at removing moss, pollen, mold, dirt and algae from surfaces. It is commonly used for fences, patios, roofs and siding because it is able to clean a material without stripping it of its paint. This technique preserves softer, more delicate surfaces while still being effective.

Pressure Washing

This procedure should only ever be done by a professional, and it uses high pressure levels of water to thoroughly freshen up a surface. It also utilizes chemicals in order to ensure that mold and other contaminants are removed. This procedure is typically used on concrete surfaces because there is less concern for stripping concrete of its essential materials. Pressure washing is a great technique to be used on parking lots and sidewalks.

The Difference

The main difference lies when it is appropriate to use either technique. Most business owners use the two terms interchangeable, but it is vital to understand the differences so that you can effectively communicate with an expert cleaner about what you want done. If you simply want to remove dirt and other materials from a surface but do not want to damage its underlying integrity, then a soft washing would be ideal. When concrete needs to be cleaned, pressure washing is typically better. A professional has experience with these techniques, knows how much pressure to use on a certain surface and what chemical dilution should be given to the water.

Both are used to eliminate stains and make a commercial building look pristinely clean once again. You can find some experienced individuals by contacting Sun Brite Services at (678) 498-7660. We are dedicated to helping any commercial building look fantastic. 

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