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Wednesday, June 21 2017

5 Reasons to Have Your Concrete Professionally Pressure Washed

Your business is your livelihood. You need to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back time after time. To accomplish this, your business must look clean and inviting. Professional pressure washing improves the appearance of concrete and provides additional benefits as well.

1. Makes Your Business Look Inviting

It is crucial that your business look clean, attractive and inviting. Curb appeal encompasses not only your building, but also its concrete sidewalks and entryways. A dingy dirty appearance signals an uncaring and neglectful business owner and dissuades potential customers from coming in. Sidewalks and entryways need special attention due to the mud, dirt and debris that get ground into them every day. Coffee and food stains, loose tobacco, pollen particles and tree sap all build up quickly and detract from the appearance of your business. Professional pressure washing removes them.

2. Protects Your Customers and Employees

Clean concrete sidewalks and entryways protect your customers and employees from environmental dirt, dust and harmful substances that can adversely affect their health, such as mold, mildew, pollen and algae.

3. Reduces Repairs

Deep cleaning your concrete by pressure washing restores both its appearance and its integrity. If left unchecked, dirt and grime can build up over time and cause damage that eventually will require repair or even replacement. Professional pressure washing on a regular basis removes the grime and its harmful contaminants before they can cause damage. It also helps to prevent their return.

4. Saves Time

Having your concrete professionally pressure washed lets you spend your time running your business and satisfying your customers, not dealing with concrete maintenance issues. It’s also fast and effective because of the pressure washer’s power.

5. Preserves the Value of Your Business

A clean business presents the appearance of success. Cleanliness is a cost-efficient marketing tool and also preserves the value of your business.

Improve the appearance of your concrete with regular professional pressure washing. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer (678) 498-7660.

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Saturday, April 29 2017
How Professional Pressure Washing Improves Your Restaurant's Bottom Line

How Professional Pressure Washing Improves Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line

Your restaurant must be clean. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics, important as that is, it’s a matter of law. Your customers expect to dine in clean, comfortable, appealing, germ-free surroundings. Health inspectors expect every part of your building to be virtually spotless. It’s important to improve the appearance of your restaurant by professional pressure washing so as to satisfy your customers’ expectations and adhere to the inspectors’ requirements.

Restaurants are particularly vulnerable to dirt, grime and grease because of the high volume of traffic in the dining areas and the equipment used behind the scenes. Cleaning and maintaining your restaurant is a constant challenge. We meet that challenge with our Hot Water Cleaning that makes sure your property is cleaned efficiently, thoroughly and properly.

Your Restaurant’s Appearance

No one wants to eat in a dingy atmosphere, let alone a dirty one. No one wants to work there, either. Your restaurant attracts more customers and higher-quality employees when it looks – and is – clean, attractive and inviting.

An inviting appearance starts before your customers ever walk in the door. The building, sidewalk and entryway all must be clean and free of graffiti, stains and debris. If your restaurant’s exterior appearance is dingy, people might think you are a business owner who is neglectful and uncaring and they should take their business elsewhere.

Your Restaurant’s Environment

Your customers and employees deserve a germ-free environment. Their health can be negatively impacted by the mold, mildew, germs and allergens that often breed in dirt and grime. For customers this means no repeat business. For employees it means days off from work because of sickness. A regular schedule of professional pressure washing can kill these harmful contaminants and prevent their return


Call us today at 678-498-7660 to learn more about our offerings. Cleanliness is a cost-effective marketing tool that will pay for itself in the benefits you receive. Professional pressure washing will improve both the appearance and the environment of your restaurant.

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Friday, March 31 2017

Unfortunately, a property that has graffiti sends a message to onlookers: no one cares about this space. While that's certainly not true of your property, the longer you allow graffiti to collect and stay visible, the more likely it is that your property is sending the wrong message. Luckily, there's an easy and safe way to remove unsightly graffiti from your property without doing any damage to the surfaces of your buildings. With professional high pressure washing, you can bring your property back to looking its best and let your community know that you take pride in your buildings.

High Pressure Washing Professionals 

Professionals who are trained in high pressure washing to remove graffiti know how to work with many different types of building materials, and they know the best techniques to safely remove spray paint vandalism from surfaces. Through a combination of hot water delivered at a high pressure and the right detergents, these professionals can restore a pristine appearance.

Many Surfaces Can Be Treated

Professional high pressure washing can tackle graffiti on a wide range of surfaces, including stone, brick, glass and playground equipment. If you aren't sure whether or not graffiti can be removed from your building's surfaces through high pressure washing, just ask.

Remove the eyesore of graffiti from your buildings, and send the message to vandals that you won't tolerate destruction of your property.

Atlanta, Georgia property managers and business owners trust Sun Brite Services for their commercial pressure washing and power washing needs. Call or email Sun Brite Services today to schedule your professional high pressure washing to remove graffiti.

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Tuesday, January 31 2017

Maintaing Exterior Wood Elements

Wood can add an attractive and inexpensive touch to a building. Exterior wooden elements should be protected with a weather-proof stain or paint. But, even the most protected wood starts to weather as it ages. 

Some of the tell-tale signs of wood deterioration include:

  • Dry, exposed wood
  • Warping or cupping wood
  • Bubbling or flaking paint
  • Alligatoring paint- a pattern that resembles the rough skin of an alligator

The liquids in paint dry up, leaving only the solids. As the solids weather, they are unable to protect the wood on their own. The five year rule of thumb suggestes repainting exterior wood about every five years. Is it time to revamp your building's exterior?

Facilties and property managers know that repainting is an investment. You want to get a lot of life out of a repainting job. You also want to avoid rotting, damaged wood. 

Poor Surface Preparation

Poor surface preparation is the number one reason a paint job fails. Be sure to perform repainting in mild humidity and never under extreme temperatures. Properly prepare your wooden surfaces by sanding down old paint, repairing rotted areas, and pressure washing. Failure to clean the surface before a paint job often results in bubbling, blistering paint and an overall messy appearance.

Don't Skip the Last Vital Step

A professional pressure washing company understands how to work with the current state of your wood, while preparing it for repainting or staining. They may also catch issues with your wood that are easy to miss. Our experts at Sun Brite Services have over 20 years of experience helping clean up commercial properties in Atlanta. Can we provide you with a quote? Give us a call at (678) 498-7660.

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Thursday, January 19 2017

Well-maintained parking lots are a necessity for any business. You do not want customers and tenants to be upset that they have to drive over potholes when they are just trying to park.

Concrete and asphalt are incredibly durable. But, it needs to be maintained in the proper manner. This way you do not have to worry about completely redoing the area. The below tips will help you keep up with parking lot cleaning.

Asphalt and Concrete are Porous

Concrete is such a resilient substance that most properly management owners don't think to do more than regular hosing. However, concrete is porous. These tiny holes harbor bacteria and moisture. These foreign substances degrade the overall integrity of the structure.

Why Power Washing Is Necessary

Since grime and dirt make their way into the pores, a regular hose is not enough. The materials are too far down into the concrete. A full-service pressure washing company will have the tools necessary to ensure your parking lot is maintained well.

Why It Should Be Done Regularly

You should contact a power washing company right away if you need to remove graffiti or other debris. However, even if your lot is looking OK, you should still get it washed at least once a year. This will ensure that it is always looks its best and that it gets looked at by professionals frequently.

Pressure washing ensures that your parking lot gets the best cleaning possible. If your business is in or around Atlanta, Georgia, contact our experienced team at Sun Brite Services for the job. Call us at (678) 498-7660 to get a free estimate. 

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Tuesday, December 20 2016

When it comes to maintaining the aesthetic of your business, many individuals consider every option available. Different treatments are available to clean the exterior of a commercial building, and when you get any cleaning done, you want to make sure it is done by an experienced professional. Many businesses consider whether a soft washing or pressure washing would be ideal. The truth is neither one is better than the other. It really comes down to what you need.

Soft Washing

Soft washing utilizes a low pressure system that dispenses water and a cleaning agent through a nozzle. The chemical agent is biodegradable, so it is more advantageous for the environment. It is also highly effective at removing moss, pollen, mold, dirt and algae from surfaces. It is commonly used for fences, patios, roofs and siding because it is able to clean a material without stripping it of its paint. This technique preserves softer, more delicate surfaces while still being effective.

Pressure Washing

This procedure should only ever be done by a professional, and it uses high pressure levels of water to thoroughly freshen up a surface. It also utilizes chemicals in order to ensure that mold and other contaminants are removed. This procedure is typically used on concrete surfaces because there is less concern for stripping concrete of its essential materials. Pressure washing is a great technique to be used on parking lots and sidewalks.

The Difference

The main difference lies when it is appropriate to use either technique. Most business owners use the two terms interchangeable, but it is vital to understand the differences so that you can effectively communicate with an expert cleaner about what you want done. If you simply want to remove dirt and other materials from a surface but do not want to damage its underlying integrity, then a soft washing would be ideal. When concrete needs to be cleaned, pressure washing is typically better. A professional has experience with these techniques, knows how much pressure to use on a certain surface and what chemical dilution should be given to the water.

Both are used to eliminate stains and make a commercial building look pristinely clean once again. You can find some experienced individuals by contacting Sun Brite Services at (678) 498-7660. We are dedicated to helping any commercial building look fantastic. 

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Friday, December 16 2016

Fences can really tie together the aesthetic of a property. Your building might rely on a fence for security purposes, or you might simply like how it looks. Make your fence last longer, and look much better, with regular cleaning. Regular pressure washings help you maintain your property’s overall look.


Combating Aging and Catching Issues


Even old fences look new again with pressure washing. As materials age and weather, stains severely hamper the fence’s look. 


Cleaning your fence regularly can prevent materials from breaking down sooner. You want your fence to last for as long as possible. After all, your fence was an expensive investment. Through routine cleanings and inspections, your fence will be rid of mold, pollen and other contaminants that can drastically shorten it's lifespan. 


Finally, professional pressure washing ensures an experienced individual is inspecting the length of the fence. If damage is present, you might not have otherwise noticed.


What to Expect


1. A professional pressure washer will use a specialized nozzle to control the intensity of the solution being applied.

2. Different intensities will work better for different surfaces. 

3. Safe, biodegradable chemicals are added to the solution. It removes all stains, even ones that are deeply set within the fencing material. It will also remove the presence of mold or mildew.

If those damaging materials are not removed in a timely manner, then they can really wreak havoc.


The only way your fence is going to last is if you take care of it, so schedule a time to have a professional clean your fence every so often. If you reside in Atlanta and want to benefit from this service, then you can contact Sun Brite Services at 770-277-6363.


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Monday, November 28 2016

Have you ever wondered just how much water is required to pressure wash a building? Exterior cleaning is a job that can be done in a number of ways, all of which are going to require resources. You may be concerned with how to best utilize your budget and keep environmental interests in mind. Hiring a commercial pressure washer is actually the most efficient way to accomplish your cleaning goals and prevent wasted resources.

Preserving what You Already Have

Replacing the parts and surfaces of your building that become damaged and worn over time is never a small undertaking. When compared to the manufacturing, shipping and installation of new building components, regular pressure washing is actually less costly and wasteful over time. Preserving your building while it is still in good condition will prolong the lifespan of your surfaces and prevent corrosion and staining. If your building has been defaced over the years, painting or replacing surfaces or fences is not always necessary. Hire a pressure washing company with the capabilties to remove graffitti, gum, tape, etc.


Leaving the Law to the Professionals

Professional pressure washing companies are familiar with local laws regarding watersheds. In fact, DIY cleaning can potentially put your organization in violation of runoff and pollution regulations. 

Professionals have an interest in following the laws, and even going above and beyond for the environment. It is a professional's job to be sure your property is cleaned correctly, and to stay ahead of constantly changing rules regarding the environment.

Quick and Painless Cleaning

Pressure washing was developed to serve as a better, more efficient method of cleaning compared to manual techniques. Up to 75 percent less water is required to clean when compared to doing the same job with a hose. Your pressure washing contractor has cleaning down to a science, using just the right amount of water and energy. Because your contractor knows how to be precise and deliberate, a cleaning job is done well from start to finish without the need to go back over missed spots or stains that would need extra elbow grease if it weren't for pressure washing.

If your building is starting to look dull and weathered, let's discuss how pressure washing can bring it back to life while preserving its components. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our team at Sun Brite Services can ensure the job is done efficiently. Give us a call at (678) 498-7660 and let's get started.

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Tuesday, November 15 2016

As a business owner, you should know that your building’s aesthetic is one of your best marketing tools. The ability to maintain an attractive commercial property will make it more likely to attract customers and passersby. Over time, dirt and grime can build up, and it needs to be eliminated promptly through a professional pressure washing. This procedure can even remove graffiti and other paint you want to get rid of.

Make Your Property Hygienic

No one wants to go to a business that looks filthy as they pull up, especially if you serve food. This also holds true for multifamily complexes because if potential tenants come by to look at a unit, they may be hesitant to make an offer. Likewise, nobody wants to live in an apartment where there could be mold or pests. You may even start to notice the actual development of mildew if you do not clean the premises often. Mildew and mold can make it difficult for some people to breathe, so for the well-being of both your workers and customers, you want to maintain a safe, sanitary establishment. Protect your staff and residents. Start with the exterior- where these contaminants typically originate.

Keep Other Maintenance Costs Low

You definitely need to remove mold once it develops. However, it is always better to prevent mold from growing in the first place. As a facility owner, you should sustain the building in a manner that addresses issues before they get out of hand. For example, if mold develops, then not only will you have to pay to get rid of it, but you will also have to pay to fix the underlying, damaged structure of the building. To keep costs down, it is simply easier to clean your building regularly so that you do not even have to deal with hazardous conditions.

Make Your Property Look Nice

Above all else, an attractive building will allow you to do better business than one that looks like it just went through a dust storm. When people walk past, you want them to be astonished at how beautiful your business is. People may even walk in on a whim if it looks good enough. Additionally, you want to ensure the sidewalk outside your building is properly maintained and that the parking lot is always kept clean.

With nearly 25 years of experience in the Atlanta area, Sun Brite can address your exterior cleaning needs. Give our experts a call at (678) 498-7660.

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Tuesday, October 18 2016
How Putting Off Pressure Washing May be Putting Your Tenants in Danger

Pressure Washing and Tenant Safety

When you work in property management, you need to be certain the building you operate always looks its best. Getting a power washing every so often is a great way to ensure your business attracts customers or new tenants.  However, a routine pressure washing is also good for making sure your property remains safe and reduces your liability in any slip and fall cases.

Driveways Can Become Slippery

Oil, mold and other substances can build up on pavement over time. People will be walking across your parking lot or sidewalk in order to get to the building, and if they slip on something that should have been removed a long time ago, then they could file a lawsuit against you. To reduce the likelihood of someone falling, you should pressure wash pavement at least once a year or whenever significant residue has built up.

Walls Can Start to Corrode

Over time, the materials making up your building start to slowly wear away. Entryways can begin to crumble ever so slowly, siding and other exterior materials can start to break away, and entry points for insects become especially troublesome. Dirt and debris only accelerate this process, so the first step in prolonging the life and structure of your building is to keep it clean!

Why Hiring Professionals Is the Way to Go

Cleaning a parking lot takes some time. If you attempt to do it yourself, you are taking time out of your schedule to do this, and you are losing money. Additionally, being unskilled will require you to spend more time cleaning, and that parking lot will need to be closed off for longer. By hiring a professional service to do this job, your parking lot will be shut down for less time, and you can be certain every inch will be taken care of.

Other Policies to Implement

Overall, you want a company policy that emphasizes cleanliness. This involves sweeping the floor regularly, and having “Wet Floor” signs on hand in case a spill develops. These are basic tasks you can do on your own and will really go a long way in promoting a safe, clean atmosphere.

Pressure washing will keep your commercial property looking great. Effective power washing is offered by the professionals at Sun Brite Services, who have worked with numerous property management owners across Atlanta. To get in touch, contact us at (678) 498-7660.

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